Apps for tourists

Apps for tourists

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A few years ago it was unimaginable think about the  changing of our travelling habits caused by the mobile phones.

The smartphones have greatly facilitated our lives as tourist thanks to the hundreds of applications that exist. Already we neither have to carry in a backpack with all the maps and guides and even we not have to worry for knowing the weather that is going to be.

There are all kinds of applications, from the ones which help us to find the best hotels and the best deals on flights, even those that will assist us in terms of speaking and communicate with the natives.


Let´s review the apps you should download in your mobile before you travel:

To know what other users think about: Yelp It is the best way of knowing what places it is worth visiting and which not. The users share their opinion and we can bear their recommendations in mind at the moment of choosing where to go.

To plan your trip: TouristEye  The only thing you have to do is introduce the city that you are going to visit and select the options to organize your route: what to do, where to eat, which hotels, etc. It will be your agenda during the holidays; as well you can add useful notes at the moment of bearing in mind the schedules or any other relevant information.

For the best communication: CamTraslator Are you going to travel to a foreign country and you don´t speak the language? With this APPS you will be able to translate  written texts, signs, menus, etc. So useful.

To move in public transport: Ametro This application allows you to have access to the subway maps and routes of public transport in more than 180 cities, so you will not have to ask anybody and will be able to move with total autonomy.

For a weather forecast: AccuWeather You could check the weather that it´s going to be every day where you are.

For emergencies: 112 Accessible  it is a very useful APP for tourists who are in an emergency situation (motion sicknesses, burns, pain …) Only it is available for tourists who visit Catalunya and It is designed to communicate through images so the language is not a problem.

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