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Derby Hotels Collection

Derby Hotels Collection

International Museum Day

Museums and contested histories: Saying the unspeakable in museums

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If you’re interested in culture, history and art, don’t miss International Museum Day! Since 1977, it has been held around the world on 18 May and serves to raise awareness about the importance of exchange…

Guests to the exhibition - Costumbrismo artist’s work at Hotel Astoria

Fashion through the eyes of Opisso at Hotel Astoria

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On 26 April, the Hotel Astoria presented a series of previously unseen works chronicling the fashion of a bygone era by Catalan artist Ricard Opisso. The exhibition took place in the Opisso Museum located in…

Daniel del Val, Aurelio Morales y Daniel Hernandez - New menu at La Terraza del Claris

La Terraza del Claris updates its menu with dishes from Aurelio Morales

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As of this month there’s a new menu at La Terraza del Claris that’s been put together by Aurelio Morales, chef at the Madrid restaurant CEBO. The new menu continues to feature Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and…

Cereals and fruits - Healthy breakfast

Healthy breakfast at Hotel Urban

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Hotel Urban has extended the breakfast menu to cater for the needs of its increasingly health-conscious customers. Accordingly, the hotel’s restaurant team has been working on a menu that features locally-sourced products so as to…

Mayan culture - Mask

Mayan culture at Hotel Claris

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  The museum in Hotel Claris 5*GL is hosting the exhibition ‘The Mayas and the Splendor of America’, which comprises more than fifty previously unseen works and a large selection of the most representative pre-Columbian…

Notre Dame - Paris

Seven reasons to visit Paris

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If you are planning a getaway and don’t know which destination to choose, today we give you seven good reasons to visit Paris. The purpose of your trip is unimportant as any excuse is perfect…