Casa Decor 2012

Casa Decor 2012

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After the Madrid edition, soon comes the 20th edition of Casa Decor in Barcelona. An exhibition recognized as the most important and prestigious in decoration in Europe. A unique communication platform that brings together professionals, commercial firms and the general public. A catwalk where decorators, interior designers, architects, landscape architects, designers, artists … show, not only their aesthetic proposal, but also their excellence in their work. Two decades as a reference in the world of decoration, design and architecture.

An exhibition aimed at decoration lovers who will be given the unique opportunity to see firsthand and the latest trends, the latest materials and construction solutions for the future. What is presented in Casa Decor is what will happen in a few years in our homes. A unique event in Europe that is highly regarded for its quality as well as uniqueness.

We talked to Isabel Nuñez and Manu Nuñez, journalists specializing in interior design, and founders of the platform NEXTIC

20 years of Casa Decor is easily said. What’s about this new trends meeting point that makes it so popular?

Casa Decor is a fantastic showcase for all kinds of audience, both for professionals in any interior design industry related as for all those people who are interested in- or just like- decoration. Casa Decor shows real spaces decorated to the last detail and while wandering around them, you are able to live and feel them.

Casa Decor Barcelona 2012

What are the most original discoveries you remember having found in Casa Decor throughout the years?

New materials, finishes … Overall, Casa Decor reflects new ways of approaching contemporary spaces, more flexible and versatile. Precisely, Casa Decor is the ideal scenery for professionals to experience and take risks in their proposals which, therefore, can be more innovative and creative than in a conventional everyday space.

Casa Decor Barcelona 2012

What can we find this year?

Casa Decor is always surprising. There is always some proposal, some idea for which it’s worth paying a visit. The other day we passed by there and, for the moment, professionals are working round the clock creating spaces … still we weren’t able to see anything … We will have to wait until the inauguration.

This year is also special because it’s the 20th anniversary. Moreover, the building is fantastic and in a privileged enclave: next to Paseo de Gracia. In each edition, it’s impressive to see the transformation of the building. That is precisely the magic of decoration.

Casa Decor Barcelona 2012

Any recommendations to buy decorative items?

The decoration items accompany us in our environment and make it more enjoyable. Therefore, we have to choose pieces with which we coexist really at ease, which make our space more comfortable and friendly. We really enjoy renovating spaces and we change and transform them when needed or depending of the moment, which is why we like pieces that can work in different rooms, ambiances or environments and we adapt them.

 Any last trends in decoration of which you consider yourselves absolute fans?

Fusion. The combination of styles, of pieces from different origins to create unique and personal spaces, provided that the collection keeps a balance and harmony.

 Who are your favorite interior designers, architects, brands …?

 Many. Both national and international. In Spain the level is very high and, luckily, we’re exporting it.

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