Santa Eulalia: A trends temple

1500 921 Derby Hotels Collection

Over 2.000 m2 and a no end of high cost international brands that lead trends. With this cover letter, it is not surprising that Santa Eulalia is the most desired fashion reference in Spain. This…

Congratulations Pilar Jurado

500 388 Derby Hotels Collection

The soprano, composer and conductor Pilar Jurado is one of the most outstanding figures of European classical music. She is considered the “muse of the contemporary creation”, thanks to her versatility she has performed on…

Masked Bears Party

567 378 Derby Hotels Collection

This past Tuesday 23th of October we held the Masked Bears Party at the Urban Hotel. The wonderful bears from artist dEmo (Eladio de Mora) that are located in the Glass Bar, were dressed up…

Paris Fashion Week

750 566 Derby Hotels Collection

Today begins the Paris Fashion Week. Ten days during which the French capital hosts over a hundred fashion shows. Regarding this event we talked to stylist Bernat Buscato who was last week at Banke Hotel…

Vogue Fashion Night Out 2012

1350 492 Derby Hotels Collection

On Thursday, 6th of September at night we had the opportunity to witness a new demonstration of the power, image and luxury that emerges from the city of Paris while enjoying the Vogue Fashion Night…

Ana de Armas at the Urban Hotel

878 350 Derby Hotels Collection

Ana de Armas, the 24 year-old Cuban actress and one of the most sensual and recognizable faces from Spain’s television shows, stayed with us at the Hotel Urban in Madrid this summer. She is currently…

Erykah Badu

567 756 Derby Hotels Collection

On July the 17th, Erykah Badu was in Madrid. Accompained by her multitudinous band, the American artist with over 20 years of career under her belt, appeared in Los Veranos de la Villa where she delivered…

Rossy de Palma at the Claris Hotel

850 439 Derby Hotels Collection

In a flying trip to Barcelona, and as the whirlwind that she is, full of energy and freshness, Rossy de Palma came to spend two days in a city where she’s loved and surrounded by…

Jon Kortajarena at the Urban Hotel

1217 603 Derby Hotels Collection

The photography studio FACTORY 311 has been commissioned to delight us with a heart-stopping cover of Jon Kortajarena . The Bilbao-born model poses as only he can at the Urban Hotel in Madrid for the cover of ELLE…

Rossy de Palma

Rossy de Palma at the Caesar

343 256 Derby Hotels Collection

In a quick roundtrip to London, Rossy de Palma, accompanied by Lucia Bosé and Cayetano Carral, and invited to the NSPCC party, a children’s charity, tells us about her short trip and her great experience…


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