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Isleña Party

Isleña Party at the Glass Bar

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On Wednesday 17th of October we celebrate the Isleña Party at the Glass Bar from 20 p.m. with an original cocktail. The brand ambassador, Juana Boned, was with us sharing smiles and Isleñas with all the…

Xoow Magazine @ Urban

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The Urban Hotel hosted this week the launch party of the new issue of Xoow Magazine, a display of the latest trends in fashion, design and lifestyle with an international vision thanks to contributors from…

Grenobloise style Sturgeon

Madrid Exquisito

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This week is taking place the first edition of Madrid Exquisito, a gastronomic event that offers the opportunity to visit 25 venues representing the best of the Madrid cuisine for only 30 euros. For this…

London by Marta Fernández Guadaño

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We speak with journalist Marta Fernández Guadaño, that just arrived from her holidays in London,  on recent discoveries of the capital of England. Marta Fernández Guadaño just wrote a few months ago, “Reinventores” (Conecta/2012). Her first…

Hotels with PDO

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From the 17th to the 23rd of September will be held the “Week of Catalan wines at Barcelona hotels“ where you will be able to discover the most popular wines in Catalonia. Wine Tasting with…

Opisso, Cornet and Muntañola

Opisso, Cornet and Muntañola

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This summer at Consell de Cent street, the Petritxol gallery hosts an exhibition of Opisso, Cornet and Muntañola with the simple goal of cheers us up. In current times and the headlines we read, this…

Erykah Badu

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On July the 17th, Erykah Badu was in Madrid. Accompained by her multitudinous band, the American artist with over 20 years of career under her belt, appeared in Los Veranos de la Villa where she delivered…

Hotel Granados 83 meets Hendrick’s Gin

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The perfect gin and tonic exists. It depends on how, when and with whom you enjoy it. On the terrace of the Granados 83 Hotel we could verify it the evening of the 11th of July…

Champagne and Diamonds in París

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The Banke Hotel in Paris is one of our most precious jewels. Located in a former Bank of diamonds, in the heart of the Opera neighborhood, the hotel welcomes you with a luxurious hall that…

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Yes, I do at the Bagués Hotel

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Confirmed, the Bagués Hotel is one of the most romantic hotels of Barcelona. The proof is in eating the pudding: on Saturday we witnessed how a couple got engaged on the terrace among licorice gin…