Little talk with my barman

Little talk with my barman

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Do you feel like having a cocktail in a cosy and original place, in the heart of Paris? Welcome to the Lolabar, the Hotel Banke’s bar in the area of the Opera and the “Grands Magasins”.

Comfortably seated in the golden sofa of the Lolabar, we are received by the master of the house. The place is welcoming and the staff really nice. It is the reason why, when the bartender asks us “What would you like to drink?” we prefer to trust him. “We have a wide selection of cocktails but the Mojito is the favourite one” explains the bartender. “For professional meetings, our clients opt for the Dry Martini, a fresh and elegant cocktail. It is James Bond’s favourite one”, he laughs.

Close to us, a Spanish family is sharing some tapas with a glass of red wine, while Americans are talking about business. “We have a very diverse clientele, both French and foreigners, looking for quietness, original places and high quality products,” he explains.

“But let’s come back to our cocktails”, he jokes. “We enjoy when the clients ask us to try new flavours. We select the liquor they prefer, and the taste they are looking for: acid or sweet, spicy or with red fruits… There are for all tastes!” We opt for the Zazamora, juicy cocktail full of vitamins, with some pan con tomate.

And you, which one would you like to try?

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