London Calling by Linda

London Calling by Linda

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Attending the call of London is so easy.  It’s one of those cities that rarely lacks cultural offering, shopping is one of the best experiences and having dinner in any of its restaurants at the end of the day can always lead to a great surprise.

This time, my favorite hotel in the city, The Caesar Hotel, is celebrating its 10th anniversary and I won’t hesitate in sharing with them the commemoration of a decade of excellence, good service and even better manners, all of which have turned this hotel into my personal shelter I always return to in my breaks to the British capital.

But the journey begins and I’m not sure how to get organized, so much to see in London these days. I’ve already run through Hyde Park and I enjoyed my breakfast in the restaurant XO. Today I’m going to visit many things related to the fashion world, so I’ve chosen a vintage model of Alexander McQueen. Not too comfortable… but there’s no other choice!

Richard Hamilton

My first stop: the Tate Modern, Richard Hamilton is waiting for me to come, this is the first retrospective the center dedicates to one of my favorite pop art artists, and Henry Matisse with “The cut-outs”, a masterful exhibition of 120 works from 1936 and 1954 by the French artist. I spend an unforgettable time in the building by Herzog & de Meuron, despite the stares of tourists to my styling. Gentlemen, please, this is London, “It costs no more to travel in style”, I say. I end my visit to the Tate in the ‘Artists room’ dedicated to Alex Katz, It’s so… me!

Later I take a taxi, the London Underground is fine but not for my shoes, and I head to the Barbican where anxious, I’m seeing the exhibition of Jean Paul Gaultier reviewing 40 years of the labor of the French designer. My outfit goes unnoticed among such eccentricity and majesty and totally exited, I take a tour through the rooms enjoying the cone shaped bra he created for Madonna, the designs for Kylie Minogue, the dressing for Almodóvar films and his collaborations with artists and photographers such as La Chapelle, Lindbergh, Pierre et Guilles, Cindy Sherman y Andy Warhol, amongst other.


I stop for a while at the room fully dedicated to the irreverent show ‘Eurotrash’, in which Gautier stared next to a Antoine de Caunes in the nineties British television, which made him really. It was an unforgettable stay.

I end my day of London fashion and art in the exhibition “The Glamour of Italian Fashion 1945-2014” at the Victoria and Albert Museum, which makes a tour through the Italian fashion since the end of World War II to the present. I’m not a great fan of current Italian designers, but I love Pucci, Valentino or sixties Simonetta and, in general, all the designs of the 50s and 60s. I think every woman should have something of Mina inside… and every man, of course!

Exhausted, I decide to finish the day having dinner in one of the trendiest restaurants in London, the Coya, in Mayfair, specializing in Latin American food and beautiful, very beautiful people. I really enjoy the food and knowing, thanks to my friends in Chelsea, that Naomi Campbell and Michael Fassbender expressed their love in public in this gorgeous place. I pray god this night it happens again!

 Greetings from London


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