Meet our team: Pawel Chrystek

Meet our team: Pawel Chrystek

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We want you to meet our team, so we’ll publish a serie of interviews made to our staff at Derby Hotels Collection.

Today we would like to introduce Pawel Chrystek, who goes more than ten years being employed at Derby Hotels Collection. He is serene and over everything, very correctly. This way, it is not of surpriseng that in this time it has happened of being employed at the kitchen to directing the department of reservations of The Caesar Hotel. 

Interview with Pawel Chrystek

When did you start working in Derby Hotels Collection?

About 10 years ago.

Which was your first post?

The most responsible one, a kitchen porter.

Have you had the opportunity to occupy other offices?

I made a “trip” around the Caesar. At the very beginning it was our kitchen and after few months I became a porter in our Reception. In the meantime I had short and exotic adventure in the maintenance department.


Few months later I was offered a position of the night shift leader and I took it without any hesitation! After 2 years, I received a proposition to start in reservations.

A giddy evolution.

I was a little bit shocked but really happy to be able to move 1 more step ahead. I’m doing it for 3 years now and it seems I really like it.

Which of them have you enjoyed more?

All of them were great fun! Mainly, because at every each position, I was blessed with some great colleagues and I have lots of very good memories from every department.

What has helped you in the fact of having performed many roles inside the company?

I think it gave me a huge opportunity to understand the basics of this business. I will be unable to get this sort knowledge at any courses.

What has Derby Hotels Collection that other companies do not have?

To be honest, this is my first and only job in UK. However I can compare it to some places in Poland. I would highlight the really friendly ambient of DHC. I think, it has got something to do with our origins. I have been a couple of times in Spain and I’m finding Spanish people very friendly and warm and this is one of the main reasons why I enjoy to work here.

Which do you believe it’s the hallmark of Derby Hotels Collection?

This is a very easy question! The art collection we display in every each hotel makes us really unique.

You’ll be sick of seeing it…

Working on daily basis surrounded by all these ancient pieces of art makes us maybe a bit unaware about it. However, I bet you that you will not find any other hotel with so many artifacts and we should not forget about it.

How was it the hotel before the reform of 2008 and how it is now?

We were a 3 star hotel at the start. In spite, with the reform we introduced some improvements. The list would be to long…so let just say that we became a professional 4 star hotel with high quality services.

That’s the reason why The Caesar is so well positioned in London?

There are few factors in my opinion. I would say that the main reason is our location. We are situated in the middle of the very quiet, residential area however it will take you 10 minutes to get to west end and key attractions…

Don’t embarrass, continue…

The other thing is our great team. If you check some comments on tripadvisor, you will find many kind remarks about friendliness and of our staff. We ensure our team are looked after and attentive, and it’s true!

It seems a film with happy end. Do you like cinema?

It’s my favourite hobby. London is the perfect place to be if you like to watch some movies with huge choice of cinemas. If you wish to meet some stars it’s really simple, go to Leicester Square in the evening and you can enjoy some movie premiers with the red carpet glamour.

Which would be you perfect trip?

To be honest, I am not the adventurer type. For last 2 years my fiancée is trying to convince me to go to Far East but I still resist. However, I’m sure that with her consistency, 1 day I will say, yes. I think I would like to take a stroll on the Great Wall. So let say that China, would be my perfect trip destination.

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