Mutis, best bar in Europe

Mutis, best bar in Europe

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¿Who has not ever thought about opening a different bar? The typical ideal bar where all your friends would go and they would make themselves at home. Well, Kim Diaz has made it, classy and with an impeccable savoir faire.

In a flat in the Eixample of Barcelona the Mutis Bar is located. It is private club where you can enjoy of an absolute privacy, a place for night owls which has seduced swines like Russell Crowe, Robert De Niro and Woody Allen, among others. But beware; we’re just talking about funny swines. A club where it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you have, it only matters who you are and your attitude. A cocktail bar whose location is the largest of its secrets, where you can listen to live music, where you can become a stand-up comedian, or even a singer. It is a bar where customers and members make things happen.

It has been open for four years now, and it has been awarded with the Best European Bar by the prestigious magazine Drinks International. Its position in the Global ranking is the 16th. According to the jury, the private club, created by Kim Diaz in November 2009, has managed to become the number one in Europe thanks to its atmosphere and the concept of the local.

A speakeasy that you have to live, but we cannot tell you where. The silence and the discretion are two of its tops. Education, tolerance, complicity and attitude are the rest.

You will find the list of best bars in the world according to the magazine, with over 40 years of history, it is considered the world’s leading magazine in the field of wine and liquors. Check it out!

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