Nowbody Knows Anything

Nowbody Knows Anything

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 After the success of the play Nadie Sabe Nada (Nobody knows anything) at Teatro Arteria in Barcelona, well-known Spanish comedians Berto Romero and Andreu Buenafuente  have devoted a few minutes to answer our questions as well as the questions asked by some of the Derby Hotels Facebook fans.

We had the chance to know them a little better. Andreu told us that the idea for this play came up when they decided they had “done many monologues, so why not dialogues?” Both agreed that 90 minutes of improvisation were much more tiresome than following a script, “a lot of concentration”, commented Buenafuente, “so we don’t miss anything, not even the flight of a fly”. Berto said, however, that they ended up “shattered but happy”. Given their incredible complicity, the two comedians agreed that neither of them would be able to face a challenge like this with anyone else, Berto added “anyone else without ending up in a fight”.

Asked if it wasn’t hard to ask each other questions, given the years of friendship, Buenafuente was categorical “The opposite!”, he exclaimed, “it’s fantastic discovering new things about Berto and how he explains them in such a funny way,  I am the first spectator who laughs at all that”. He also told us that the questions that caused more “excitement” and “mystery” were the ones from the audience, “ people are very special and come out with anything”, he told us that “once someone put a blank ballot, an abstainer, for sure …”

Below,  the questions from our Facebook contest winners. Andreu and Berto have worked hard and tried to answer most of them in between shows. We greatly appreciate the support of our fans on Facebook!

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– Your biggest quarrel was because of…? And how did you reconcile? (Silvia Muñoz Hita)

Berto: I do not remember any fights with Andreu. We are always reconciling without previous fight.

Andreu: The truth is that we have never had any quarrel…

– How did you meet? Do you plan on doing another TV program? We miss you. (Dani Jimenez)

A: I discovered Berto on the radio, listening to his program. We invited him to participate in a production of El Terrat (Buenafuente’s production company) where it all started.

– The egg or the chicken? (Paula Bradshaw)

A: The tortilla

– The question of the century, when do you think this country will soar? Humorously, how could it be solved? (Daniel Alonso Carrillo)

A: Comedians do not solve. Sorry. We are palliatives, we entertain, we take for a walk the bad vibes and relax which is something …

– If your dog Mel had a partner, would you be jealous? (Pili Parreño)

A: If he first introduces her to me ,no.

– If you were an animal, which one would you be? (Puri Antón González)

B: I would be an angry mandrill with a very red and swollen bum. I don’t know what Andreu will say but he would be a sloth.

A: My dog ​​certainly. He has the best life in the Euro zone.

– Andreu, do you think Berto would be a good  godfather for your daughter? (Sellés Family)

A: Of course. He’s a good person. Only with that … and he likes children, an indulgent father. Yes, yes …

– Have we become more demanding and it’s more difficult to make people laugh or, on the contrary, we laugh about anything? (Yolanda Ruiz)

A: Laughter is a mystery. You never know what’s going to cause it. Something very simple, sometimes. Something very elaborate other times …

– Does anyone really know anything? Don’t you think it’s better to live in ignorance? (Sandra Carrillo Giménez)

B: Nobody knows anything, and those who think they know something they make it up, of course. Ignorance is very nice but ends up hurting. Like joints.

– Would you exchange your lives or prefer yours? (María García)

B: I like mine, but I would exchange it with Andreu’s, although only the times when he’s  with me, to see me from outside.

–  The Education reform, will save us from the crisis? Or it just works to keep us entertained? (Montse Roig)

B: Education needs more shaping than reform.

– And Wert (SpainEducation Minister) what does he know? (Mercè Puig Triviño)

B: He especially knows nothing.

– In which most picturesque place have you found a Catalan tourist from Blanes? (Agustín Piñero Tomás)

B: In Blanes.

– Is the mustache a gesture of solidarity? (Cristina Portillo Macho)

B: It can be, especially in the genital area.

– Don’t you think that knowing nothing is sometimes good? What’s the crisis …? I don’t know … (Jaume Sala)

B: I think it’s better to know nothing than not to know anything, because denial involves knowing something. The crisis is the best example of nothingness, it’s a word that has been used so much that it almost has no meaning. I do not know, really.

– Your story was love at first sight? (Hana Bcn)

B: At first touch, rather.

– Why is sliced bread squared and most of charcuterie rounded? (Pedro Jose Garcia Gomez)

B: Who wrote this interview? Luis Piedrahita?

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