Pop up stores

Pop up stores

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Christmas is almost here and you may not have everything sorted out for tonight and the presents you need to buy even for your Secret Santa, for your friends or family. Since we are probably running out of ideas, being original is a must.

From DHC we would like to recommend you a new store which is coming up in citis like New York, Milan or London and where it has had an incredible success. We are talking about the pop up stores. As the name suggests, these ephemeral shops, with relatively short expiration date, “jump” to the streets as the pop up windows on the Internet.

In these stores, in addition to the usual products, the brands take the advantage to unveil new products, provide different and unique components and to approach to customers with authentic performances.

The idea was born after the trip of a communications agency in Japan, where they saw a commercial space that opened only once a year. At the end of the campaign everything was sold out. Why? For the exclusivity and originality that this action brought not only to products but also to the sale and the clients themselves.

The pop up can come out anywhere, from art spaces, to popular places and even in hotels. They are in themselves a real show and where you can do something special and extravagant that could not be done in a conventional setting, as stated Panambí Martinez, the coordinator of the company Pop Up Store Spain.

Now you know, if you want to give something original and still enjoy the last minute Christmas shopping, you can take advantage and go to the Pop up stores which are currently being held in Barcelona, such as the Gori de Palma, and in Madrid, such as Madrid in Love or the Apartment.

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