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After the arrival of the Japanese restaurants and with them, the sushi, the new Japanese trend is already being installed in our lives. We are talking about sake.

The quintessential Japanese drink comes at a time when the Spanish culture is more open than ever to change and innovation as says Paco Patón, director of catering at the Urban Hotel, as well as the hotel team and the Glass Bar barman Jose Manuel and Oscar.

Sake, a drink that Japanese people take on the rocks, has found their perfect implementation on the Western world in cocktails. As there is a very wide range of different types of sake, says Paton, it is assembled with countless  of bartending products.

However, there are many people who still do not dare to embark on this new trend. Paton argues hat it is just a beer without added hops so a sake combined cocktail supposes a much lower alcohol consumption than the traditional ones.

Sake combines with both Western and Oriental dishes, even with the most difficult as asparagus artichokes and endive.

Different food professionals are already aware of this growing trend and they say that is a perfect pairing with oysters, a totally new proposal in Spain. A combination that, like sake, is perfect for the appetizer.

Paton attributes the success of Japanese cuisine to the fact that enjoying the food and drink from a millennial people as Japanese helps you to know the character, the spirit of education and their personality.

To conclude, they told us all about the coming trends from the Japanese world, such as the Japanese whisky which has already a consecrated reputation in Spain.

Do not miss the chance to taste this delicious drink at the Glass Bar at the Urban Hotel. Our special recommendation: try it with our delicious oysters, you’ll love it!

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