Santa Eulalia: A trends temple

Santa Eulalia: A trends temple

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Over 2.000 m2 and a no end of high cost international brands that lead trends. With this cover letter, it is not surprising that Santa Eulalia is the most desired fashion reference in Spain. This is why we would like to recommend it to you today.

Their home is like an X-ray of the trends that make the world go round, thanks to the careful selection of the international brands that are hung on their clothes stands. One of their goals is to tell what we should wear with every piece of clothing they have in the store.

Claudia Sáiz, ELLE magazine contributor, shells for Santa Eulalia the trends that will be filling the feminine wardrobe this season. “The success comes to us from eight hits: Isabel Marant holsters, Michael Kors oversize sweaters, Proenza Schouler Oriental patterns, Balenciaga galactic drawings, Kenzo retro dresses, Marc Jacobs elaborate embroidery, Bottega Veneta sensual dresses and Charlotte Olympia 5.71 in high shoes”.

Aurora Segura, from ‘La Vanguardia’ Magazine, told us all about male trends: “A winter that bets on what’s authentic and on well-done things is coming. Fashion has stopped being something that changes completely in just a few months and has turned into something that cares about style and the elaboration quality an about materials. This is the philosophy that guides the brands’ selection and the Santa Eulalia designers, because, at the end of the day, the people who can perform what is classic in a modernity clef are the ones that are in the forefront of fashion”.

All this and much more is what you will find at Santa Eulalia, the international trends temple that dresses you know how you are and what you want.

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