Silvestre (Wild)

Silvestre (Wild)

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Not so long ago I met up to grab a cup of coffee with Pepi Boissieu and Ana Domínguez from the BABA agency. They do original activities and promote special spaces always linked to culture, gastronomy and the art of living.

 In this case, and after the OFFmenú, they told me all about their last project: “Silvestre” (“Wild”). It is a culinary experience which uses a selection of wild plants rooted in Catalonia as main ingredients for their dishes. The recipes are elaborated with Mediterranean plants that are within our reach and which nonetheless are unknown.

Wild plants have been used since unmemorable times, not only as a survival food but also for taking advantage of all the subtleties and nuances that they can offer.

“Silvestre” wants to highlight the abundance of food hidden in nature and how humans have been getting further away from it. A wonderful project easy to understand if one knows about the nature of the people who have created it

This initiative assures so much fun. We are looking forward to keeping an eye on it!

Derby Hotels Collection Communication Manager Pepe García

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