Surprises in the Claris

Surprises in the Claris

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I still don’t know anyone who doesn’t like surprises …

It’s great to see the places we usually frequent, depending on who inhabit them, can make you think for a moment you are visiting another city.

Barcelona is great for these games.

Cool night but with the summer atmosphere.

It’s a long weekend in France and you can tell it,

Already in the afternoon having a Gin Tonic (without gin, there is nothing as chic as to enjoy something
simple with the best paraphernalia) we meet Javier Bardem in Claris Hotel’s the EAST 47.
Suddenly I thought … Am I in LOS ANGELES? Is he COMING along with anyone?

Javier Bardem

Javier Bardem

Later, I had arranged to meet for a drink with the boys from HERCULES, Francesco and David, we had
much to tell each other and since the last issue of the magazine I hadn’t been able to see them.

They were accompanied by HUMBERTO LEÓN and PATRICK WILSON.
Humberto León is currently the Creative Director of KENZO and along with CAROL LIM
they created the fantastic universe of OPENING CEREMONY.

WHOA! With the HERCULES’s you never
know who you’ll be able to meet.
And we all went out for a drink at BOCA CHICA, early
in the evening, and it was like being in someone’s living room with an excellent taste in the heart of Barcelona.
The second floor has been very well resolved despite not serving cocktails and the lack of music,
The place is great to have a chat with some friends.

We were in New York, but everyone around us spoke French!!!

Along with HERCULE’s arrived David de Quevedo and Miguel Ruiz,
and the seven of us went to see Quim & Eva at MUTIS,
that place where there’s ALWAYS SOMETHING GOING ON.

It was magical, it always turns out exotic even  for those who are from here.
That singer: JAULA, always bewitches  all our guests, and Humberto & Patrick,
did not resist.

…Of course to finish off the night, Javier Bardem was also there!

We left, and I have the impression that at MUTIS they continued partying until late

The next morning I called our guests to remind them that they couldn’t leave Barcelona without having

a good rice dish at the Barceloneta.

Sometimes we fail to see the wonder that surrounds us and that is why I like to discover our city,
with its corners, and what better way than to observe it
with curious eyes, surrounded by good friends.

Bar East 47 hotel Claris

Bar East 47 hotel Claris


Pepe García Communications Manager Derby Hotels Collection


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