The best apps for travellers

The best apps for travellers

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Here we present the apps that will make your trip more comfortable. Everything that you used to carry in a guide and your document holder, now fits in your Smartphone.

Touristeye: This is a great tool for planning your trip according to your own tastes and the suggestions of other users.

Tripomatic:  By entering your destination, this app automatically generates an itinerary with the most important tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants and other places of interest.

The Trip Tribe:  This app enables you to find your ideal travelling companion. By creating a profile, you can see other people with the same interests and figure out whether you are compatible.

Flight Card:  This is an open window to all information related to flights. It is easy to navi gate and is updated constantly. It is only available for iOS operating systems.

Moovit:  This app is necessary if you want to know how to get from one place to another using public transportation. It has a database of 150 cities and will help you create the best route.

Hotel Tonight:  This is for travellers who love to improvise. Get discounts of up to 70% for the same night when you’re looking.

Yelp:  By now, this is a classic. Made up of a huge community of users who share their opinions on hotels, restaurants, shops, etc., it is also very useful for locating the closest pharmacy or hospital, for example.

Wi-Fi Finder:  Finder –Since there isn’t always a Starbucks within view, this app enables you to find places with a free or for-pay connection.

Photaf Panorama Pro:  This app is ideal for leaving a great memory of your trip. It uses the orientation sensor in your iPhone to créate panoramic pictures.

Postagram:  This app is dedicated to nostalgic people. You take a picture, write a text, add the address and the app makes sure it reaches its recipient. Yup – in their real mailbox for just 99 cents!!.  

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