Work in Progress Derby I

Work in Progress Derby I

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REMY BELLOIR, head of the purchasing department of Hotel Banke

How long have you worked in Derby Hotels Collection?
A year and a half working for DHC, in the Hotel Banke.

What was your first job?
The first thing I did was start the shopping service. We opened the hotel in 2009 and had to reorient the functioning of each department and downloading of certain responsibilities to enable them to carry out their own function.

And how it has evolved since its opening?
It has grown exponentially in terms of performance, thanks mainly to reviewers and the methodology applied.

Which is…?
Continually review our work, allowing us to belong to a select group of 4 star hotels in Paris (4 stars is the highest ratin in Paris).

What part of your work have you enjoyed the most?
With everything from the search for new products to managing accounts and visits to suppliers.

What does a company, like DHC, look for when purchasing?
We followed these criteria : quality, cost and design. We acquire high-end products , important for maintaining harmony with the hotel and the group.

What impression do customers have?
Luxury, exclusivity, art, these would be the most surprising elements for our customers. But most of all, feel good because we received as guests.

What is it that makes the difference from Banke and Derby Hotels Collection to the others?
Our approach differs from other chains because we mix classic art with contemporary décor . In addition, we have a unique concept that involves exposing private collections Clos family at our hotels, something that has never seen the French clientele in Paris .

Would you define Hotel Banke as a boutique hotel?
Absolutely ! We are located in the heart of Paris, in a very dynamic and very fashionable . The hotel offers an intimate atmosphere and we have a service that anticipates customer needs .

Also important is the cuisine, right?
Yes, in the Josefin restaurant is a letter proposing Mediterranean-influenced cuisine and Catalan specialties modernized. The products are fresh , varied ….for hedonistic glee!

Good cooking is pleasurable.
Yes, and I like cooking, I know not very original, but it’s a time passes I love. The kitchen needs a sense of the organization must prepare a menu, manage a budget … in short, establish a timetable for all the guests are satisfied.

You will not rest nor sleep! Confess, if I had vacation, where would you  travel?
I would go to an island paradise in a big luxury hotel, with everything at my disposal without mobile phone. Of course, along with my little family.


Rémy Belloir
Rémy Belloir
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