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Free  Wi-Fi Internet Connection

Free Wi-Fi Internet Connection

Hotels in London and Paris - free service

Hotels in Barcelona and Madrid – Powered by KubiWireless

Premium Service - Free service  Available for all our guests

This product is valid for Wi-Fi service in the hotel and can also be used in the airport.
The 3-days service enables all Internet access applications (http and https browsing, Outlook, Skype, etc.).
This service has premium speed access (1.5 Mbps/256 Kbps).

Connection to Service
Appliance requirements: Laptops or mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.) with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g technology.
Connection configuration: IP by DHCP and disabled Proxy.

The service access page shows the various hotspots for free, Premium and Roaming users.

Getting connected via Wi-Fi
1. Turn on your device and make sure your wireless card is enabled.
2. Connect to the network with SSID: kubi.
3. Open your browser and request any website (e.g.
4. The service welcome page will open.
5. Once you are connected on one device, if you wish to use the connection code on a second device, you must properly disconnect the first:
- Click on 'Disable' in the pop-up menu that appears every time you connect to the service.
- If the pop-up does not appear because the pop-up option is disabled on your browser, write “” in the browser search bar and click on "Enter".