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Art Collection

 The Arai Aparthotel 4* Monument is tucked into an historic residence dating back to the 18th century that makes up part of Barcelona’s architectural, historic and artistic heritage.

Named the “casa dels quatre rius” (the House of the Four Rivers), until 1935 this building was the headquarters of l’Escola Massana y Foment de les Arts Decoratives, an association that was created by artists and industrialists in Barcelona with the goal of fostering art and traditional trades.

The hotel façade maintains the original sgraffito, which is certainly the building’s most significant and among the best of the era. This kind of detail was typical of the buildings belonging to the bourgeoisie in this period, since it allowed them to publicly display their wealth and beautify the city at the same time.

The first floor façade contains allegorical figures and an ornamental theme. Cherub figures on pedestals represent an allegory of sculpture, painting, music and architecture.

The second floor features ornately framed representations of the Danube, Nile, Ganges and Rio de la Plata Rivers as well as the name of the building, “the House of the Four Rivers.”