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Art Collection

The Hotel Granados 83 houses a collection of Asian art between the walls of its industrial architecture.Seventy pieces of great artistic variety come from countries such as India and Cambodia and date for the most part to the 10th to 11th centuries AD.

Reliefs from India with rich representations of the Hindu pantheon, Khmer art sculptures and Indian representations of Buddha from the 2nd century that show the evolution of traditional Indian art. From a markedly naturalist origin to a period standing out for its fantastic elements and monumental character.
Leaving behind the spectacular Indian reliefs that welcome us into the lobby and continue

in the hotel's bar, smaller but interesting pieces are combined in the guest rooms and public spaces. There are finely carved doors, lattice windows and small altars. A collection of wooden crosspieces that made up the structure of the ceremonial carts used in religious celebrations also stands out for its distinctiveness.

Granados 83 also has a collection of Roman mosaics on display in the hotel which takes us back to the great Roman villas of the 5th century AD through its traditional workmanship, both geometric and figurative.