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Average rating 5/5
Connie Lee Rating 5/5
April 2018 I enjoyed the hotel and my visit immensely!

The rooms were elegant, the service was beyond perfection.

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Cynthia Parker Rating 5/5
April 2018 The front desk staff was excellent

Hotel Balmes is commendable specifically for it's customer service.

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Richard Roznoy Rating 5/5
April 2018 Fine little hotel; congratulations

Towels were wonderful, thick, plush; slippers/robes a very nice touch; great little garden for sitting outside; great touch with the African art pieces, including their descriptions. Great location - the company has done a fine job on design and the staff does a fine job with operations!

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Thomas Lieben Rating 5/5
April 2018 Impressive

We were impressed with the staff at reception. They offered to assist us in such a friendly manner. And we appreciated the bottle of wine brought to our room along with the fresh rose that graced our room throughout our stay. We would happily stay at The Balmes again as well as recommend it to friends.

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Peter Beins Rating 5/5
April 2018 Excellent service

I wanted to give a special mention for the excellent service provided by your staff at reception. I had left my important documents in a taxi & was very concerned about them being returned. Your team was calm & immediately got onto the taxi company to track my documents down. I felt she was doing everything she could to fix the problem. Fortunately the taxi driver was found & the documents returned. I don't speak Spanish or Catalan & on many occasions with other 4 star hotels I feel that getting the message through in English is either not comprehended or the person becomes defensive. This was not the case here. Excellent service. I will recommend your hotel to my Australian friends & work colleagues.

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