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Average rating 5/5
Gregory Risley Rating 5/5
February 2018 Very glad to have chosen Banke Hotel

From the moment we stepped out of the car and were greeted by the doorman, to the day we left for the airport, we were treated as welcomed guest. My wife and I enjoyed our chats with the doorman, who was always pleasant, cheerful and quick with a recommendation for places to visit. The front desk and bellmen were also very nice and accommodating which led to us enjoying our stay that much more. Thank you.

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Evangelia Kaskani Rating 5/5
February 2018 Your hotel is fantastic!

The service is excellent! Keep the good job! You offered us an amazing, unique and memorable stay in Paris. We will definitely come back and recommend the hotel to everyone! A bientot!

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Barry O'Shea Rating 5/5
February 2018 Memorable experience

The staff were extremely welcoming, friendly and were very keen to ensure our trip to Paris was memorable.

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Federico Sardi Rating 5/5
February 2018 Thank you very much for all

It was a nice experience being in Banke Hotel.

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Diana Lounsbury Rating 5/5
February 2018 I will certainly stay here again!

Everyone from the doorman, to the concierge, to the front desk, to the gent who brought my bag upstairs, was absolutely wonderful. The woman who tidied my room was also very kind the small number of times I met her. It was my first time in Paris and they were all very helpful with tips, directions, and/or ticketing assistance. I had high expectations for this stay as I had stayed at the Hotel Caesar last January and they certainly exceeded those.

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