Hotel Gran Derby 4*

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Average rating 5/5
Cheryl Bosworth Rating 5/5
October 2017 Loved it

From the minute we arrived till the minute we left the staff went above and beyond to help us would come back and stay within a heart beat. Keep doing what you doing, fab hotel and staff.

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William Lee Rating 5/5
October 2017 We had a wonderful stay at your hotel

Staff was very helpful and knowledgeable about any requests we had.

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Molly James Rating 5/5
October 2017 A great hotel all the way around!

The hotel was excellent. The front desk staff was very responsive, friendly and helpful throughout our stay. Absolutely outstanding.

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Emma M. Catlow Rating 5/5
September 2017 A lovely hotel with beautiful decor

Staff were brilliant, always very helpful. Location a little out of the way but fine if you don't mind public transport, a bit too far for walking to the centre of Barcelona or the beach, but easy to access by bus and metro.

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John Stead Rating 5/5
September 2017 Very pleased with our stay

Must compliment the reception staff, a very capable and pleasant group of people, truly an asset to the business.

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