Hotel Gran Derby 4*

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Average rating 5/5
John Bernard Rating 5/5
April 2017 Absolutely fantastic hotel

Great location and Superb staff.

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Monique Edep Rating 5/5
April 2017 We felt like we had VIP treatment

Front desk was extremely attentive - so was the entire staff. The best configuration for a family as well!

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Nicole Rubidoux Rating 5/5
April 2017 I would definitely stay here again!

Hotel exceeded my expectations. Comfortable room. Staff was always helpful and prompt with all service requests.

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Ashley Curtis Rating 5/5
March 2017 The staff at the hotel in Barcelona were excellent

They made my stay enjoyable and memorable and I will for sure book again in the future. The facilities and quality of the room were excellent.

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Susanne Coolpepper Rating 5/5
March 2017 Would highly recommend!

Wonderful location and wonderful rooms. The staff helped in so many ways.

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