Hotel Gran Derby 4*

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Average rating 5/5
Haider Rating 5/5
September 2018 Good

It’s a fabulous place to stay. I stayed 4 nights and I felt very good. Reception is very very kind & helpful.

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Grabarnik family Rating 5/5
September 2018 We had a wonderful stay

Staff members were very helpful and kind! Giving helpful tips, suggestions and accommodating our needs. We had a wonderful stay and will be sure to come back soon.

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John Sola Rating 5/5
August 2018 Had a wonderful stay

The personal at the desk were extremely courteous and very helpful in make this a successful trip.

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Jade Cartwright Rating 5/5
August 2018 Staff was very lovely!

Soon as walked in hotel offered us a glass of water or cava. Then they knocked at our door with a bottle of wine, very welcoming! The reception was very helpful giving us directions etc. Lovely environment defintily be back.

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Geoff Ellis Rating 5/5
August 2018 The front desk help was excellent, exceptional

They were always helpful, fun and very willing to do anything that was needed. We were there during the taxi strike and they helped us navigate that as well as they could have. They had good restaurant recommendations and made reservations for us. I cannot say enough about what a nice crew you have there.

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