Hotel Gran Derby 4*

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Customer reviews

Average rating 5/5
Richard Horecka Rating 5/5
May 2018 Beautiful small hotel in a very convenient location

Rooms clean and very comfortable. But most outstanding were the reception personnel who were welcoming and always eager to help.

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Deborah O'Connor Rating 5/5
May 2018 Exceptional

The people at the reception desk were more than excellent.

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Diane Garber Rating 5/5
May 2018 Fantastic location, great service

Very much enjoyed my stay and would not hesitate to send future clients to stay with. Nice "local" location close enough to city centre very clean and great service.

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Bob Biddle Rating 5/5
April 2018 Nice

Good value, good location in quiet neighbourhood.

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Barry Guild Rating 5/5
April 2018 Many Thanks to all the staff

Very impressed with the staff and hotel in general, excellent location and won’t hesitate to recommend and use again.

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