Hotel Gran Derby 4*

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Average rating 5/5
Layal Alhoyek Rating 5/5
August 2017 Bravo!

Amazing hotel, good location, the room was comfortable and always clean, great service, all the staff members were super helpful and professional, very delicious breakfast, good job!

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Ruth Mayne Rating 5/5
August 2017 We had a lovely stay at the hotel

Found the staff to be very helpful and professional in the Gran Derby hotel.

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Olga Sorokina Rating 5/5
August 2017 Thank you!

We are very enjoyed of visiting the Gran Derby Suite Hotel.. very clean and comfortable room. The service was perfect. Breakfast was very very good and internet connection as well.

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Sylvia Van Strithem Rating 5/5
July 2017 Our second stay at the hotel

And again very pleased with customer service.

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Thomas Scotese Rating 5/5
July 2017 Excellent and professional staff

Outstanding customer service.

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