Suites Avenue

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Average rating 5/5
Timothy Harris Rating 5/5
August 2017 Keep doing what you do!

It was the best of both worlds at Suites Avenue. The feel of an upscale hotel with the comfort of pretending to live in Barcelona in a wonderfully appointed room. I have no complaints or suggestions.

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Iris Wimmer Rating 5/5
August 2017 It is our first choice for Barcelona!

We've enjoyed a very nice stay at Suites Avenue.

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Allen Gary Rating 5/5
August 2017 Very good

The people at the front desk were very helpful and accommodating.

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Adhami Fazlur Rating 5/5
August 2017 My family and I had a tremendous stay in the hotel

I tried to deduct marks but failed because the hotel facilities, staff and its location were undoubtedly par excellence. Thank you very much for a most satisfying comfortable and enjoyable stay in Barcelona. With best wishes and good luck for all your future endevours.

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Jeff Shnay Rating 5/5
July 2017 The best hotel i have ever stayed at!!!

Wonderful people in reception!!!

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