Suites Avenue

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Customer reviews

Average rating 5/5
Patrick McDonagh Rating 5/5
May 2018 Loved the building

Also very clean. Staff were very helpful and polite

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Loretta C. Rating 5/5
May 2018 Outstanding

The customer service and accommodations were outstanding. We would definitely stay again.

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Doc Stehndal Rating 5/5
May 2018 We very much enjoyed your stay!

Great service and wonderful rooms!

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Pia Nilsson Rating 5/5
May 2018 A very nice apartment

Very nice hotel staff who was very helpful.

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Simon Andrew Rating 5/5
May 2018 Its like a home away from home!

In the past couple of years we "only" stayed 3-4 days and this year we decided to come for a whole week. Not only do we like Barcelona but we also know by staying at Suites Avenue it makes our stay so much more enjoyable because everything is is top quality!!! Although only being back for a couple of days we are already dicussing coming back in April 2019 again. I think that says all about how we rate Suites Avenue! Thank you all for the top service!

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