Stay & Drive

Discover the charm of Madrid the easy way

Stay & Drive

Villa Real Hotel Madrid

Drive your dreams

See more in less time on the city’s most famous thoroughfares from the comfort of your car. The Hotel Villa Real will provide a Mini Cabrio convertible or a BMW Serie 3, so you can explore hidden corners of the city and its environs. You will be able to enjoy the charming places where tranquillity reigns, driving through the principal highways of the zone. It’s a great way to explore at your own pace.

The Stay & Drive package includes:

  • Accommodation in the room type of your choice.
  • Mini Cabrio convertible or a BMW Serie 3 rental, for a day, with unlimited mileage and fully comprehensive insurance, and no need to return it with a full tank.
  • Price includes car rental, petrol, etc. 


* Minimum age of renter/driver: 21.