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Grenobloise style Sturgeon

Madrid Exquisito

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This week is taking place the first edition of Madrid Exquisito, a gastronomic event that offers the opportunity to visit 25 venues representing the best of the Madrid cuisine for only 30 euros. For this…

World Experience Barcelona

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We Barcelona,  keep this name because you will hear about them. It’s an agency that produces leisure and tourism experiences in Barcelona, for those who want to enjoy our city in a unique, memorable and exclusive…

Paris Fashion Week

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Today begins the Paris Fashion Week. Ten days during which the French capital hosts over a hundred fashion shows. Regarding this event we talked to stylist Bernat Buscato who was last week at Banke Hotel…

Bread blind tasting in El Poble Espanyol

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A few years ago we would have never guessed that bread could be such a prized gastronomic product nowadays. It is a staple food and the vast majority of us did not pay much attention…

London by Marta Fernández Guadaño

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We speak with journalist Marta Fernández Guadaño, that just arrived from her holidays in London,  on recent discoveries of the capital of England. Marta Fernández Guadaño just wrote a few months ago, “Reinventores” (Conecta/2012). Her first…

Vogue Fashion Night Out 2012

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On Thursday, 6th of September at night we had the opportunity to witness a new demonstration of the power, image and luxury that emerges from the city of Paris while enjoying the Vogue Fashion Night…

Hotels with PDO

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From the 17th to the 23rd of September will be held the “Week of Catalan wines at Barcelona hotels“ where you will be able to discover the most popular wines in Catalonia. Wine Tasting with…

Chatting with Serge Ibaka

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Serge Ibaka will be interviewed tonight by Spanish showman Pablo Motos in his family TV show “Hormiguero 3.0” (Ant’s Nest 3.0). Before traveling to Madrid, the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder player spent a few days…

Ana de Armas at the Urban Hotel

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Ana de Armas, the 24 year-old Cuban actress and one of the most sensual and recognizable faces from Spain’s television shows, stayed with us at the Hotel Urban in Madrid this summer. She is currently…

Serena Whitehaven in Suites Avenue

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This summer was held the public presentation of the new brand of shoes Serena Whitehaven. The chosen venue was the terrace of Suites Avenue, located in a recently constructed edgy building with a spectacular aluminum…