Cold-pressed cocktails and natural juices, the latest trend at La Terraza del Urban

Cold-pressed cocktails and natural juices, the latest trend at La Terraza del Urban

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Now that summer is here and the temperatures are rising, it’s time to enjoy the best cocktails in Madrid.

The Hotel Urban 5*GL joins the terrace fever by renewing its list of cocktails and juices with a surprising twist. Today, it’s not just about going for a drink, but about enjoying a unique experience.

For this reason, La Terraza del Urban has created a cocktail menu to stimulate the senses and to offer a choice of cocktails to suit your mood.


Cocktails and juices to stimulate the senses

Cocktail making is an art which combines drinks, fruits, herbs and any other edible ingredient. La Terraza del Urban has taken things one step further and invites you to enjoy a unique experience, a relaxing celebration in an ideal setting for all your senses.

You’ll find a great variety of cocktails and juices, with exotic fruits such as mango, papaya, coconut and pineapple, combined with other less familiar ingredients, such as honey, as well as different plants and herbs, that make the preparation and taste of our cocktails quite unique.

The month of August is the perfect time to enjoy one of the most incredible terraces in Madrid. It is for this reason that we invite you to join us at La Terraza del Urban, one of the capital’s landmarks with unique views and a healthy and recently updated list of cocktails to suit all tastes.


The finest and tastiest cocktails in Madrid


If you’re looking for stress relief, the ideal cocktails for you are the Puerta del Sol or the Puerta del Sol Azteca, the latter with a shot of tequila.


"Stress Relief" Cocktails in Madrid


But if what you’re looking for is an energy boost, then your ideal cocktails will be the Toro or the Torodelto, made with apples, bananas, almonds, melon, pineapple and other ingredients, with a touch of rum.


"Energy Boost" Cocktails in Madrid


On the other hand, if you’re looking for a touch of happiness, you can choose the Cielo Feliz or the Cielo Caribeño. Their name alone brings a sensation of pleasure and joy.


"Touch of Happiness" Cocktails in Madrid


In the Re Vive or Re Vodka, with tomato, strawberries, apples, vodka, grapefruit, carrot and many more ingredients, you can find a world of restorative properties in a single cocktail.


"Restorative Properties " Cocktails in Madrid


Along with your cocktails, you can also enjoy a delicious selection of gastronomic delightsSummer menu.


"Anti-aging" Cocktails in Madrid

 Antiaging Cocktail


The Hotel Urban 5*GL brings out your healthy side

The Hotel Urban 5*GL is considered to be one of the most chic urban spaces of the moment. In addition to the new cold pressed and natural juices, Yoga classes continue to be taught by yogi and actress Marta Nieto at the top of the hotel. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning the yogi delivers personalised 60-minute classes on the terrace, providing exercises, recommendations and posture work.

Come along and try out one of these personalised classes, where you will enjoy an unbeatable atmosphere of peace and tranquillity. You can sign up at or by calling (+34) 91 787 77 70. What’s more, after the session, attendees can take the opportunity to enjoy a drink while contemplating the city skyline.

The hotel has also extended its breakfast menu in order to satisfy our increasingly health-conscious clients. You can now find a varied selection of detox and multivitamin juices, as well as fresh fruit and dishes cooked to order, among other things. All this with locally produced goods to preserve their properties and nutrients.


Don’t wait a moment longer! Come to La Terraza del Urban to cultivate your body and soul and to try the best cocktails in Madrid!