Designing the future in London

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The London Design Festival is a visually stimulating event that will make you feel like you hoped on a time machine and travelled 100 years ahead, with spectacular displays of avant-garde designs and technological wonders…

Is this Brazil? Not really

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Europe’s biggest street festival, London’s Notting Hill is taking place on Sunday August 24 until Monday August 25, 2014. Two days in a row of a vivid spectacle, representing the British capital multicultural past and…

Hampton Court Palace Show

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London calling and next on our calendar is the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, the Largest Flower Show in the world. This Flower Show is not just famous for being the biggest, but also for…

Ascot is not all about horses

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The horses are ready, the carriages are waiting and the royals are embraced on their journey from Windsor Palace to the Berkshire. Ascot race track is ready for the action. The Royal Family have entered…

© Stéphane Piera / Galliera / Roger-Viollet

Roman d’une Garde-Robe

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A l’occasion de la Fashion Week à Paris, l’Hôtel Banke vous propose de découvrir une exposition qui vous plongera dans les plus grandes maisons de haute couture du début du siècle dernier : Roman d’une Garde-Robe –…

Correfocs La Mercè

La Mercè in Barcelona

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The summer season is slowly coming to an end… but not until September ends! If you will be in Barcelona this weekend, be prepared to enjoy city’s activities. La Mercè is the annual festival of…

Pommery, Reims

Pommery Champagne

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When it comes to talk about Champagne in Derby Hotels, we have a special name: Pommery. We’ve been enjoying it for a long time now and we’re so happy to say that our clients love…

mas i mas

400 concerts in Barcelona this summer

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Over 400 concerts this summer, welcome to San Miguel Mas i Mas Festival! This year is its 11th edition with more performances than ever. His goal, ten years later, is still to provide “musical offer…


The shortest day of the year

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Saint John’s Eve, is the eve of celebration before the Feast Day of St John the Baptist. The Feast coincides with the June solstice also referred to as Midsummer. It also marks the longest day…


European Museum Night

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Just for one night half the world’s museums agree and open their doors for free. When is this great appointment? On Saturday May 18th from 19 pm to 1:00 am. Culture is an essential part…