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Lords of Salem

International Sitges Film Festival 2012

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Today begins one of the most popular and specialized film festivals in the fantasy genre. Yes, we are talking about the International Sitges Film Festival. In its 45th edition, the festival  sets its eyes on…

Bread blind tasting in El Poble Espanyol

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A few years ago we would have never guessed that bread could be such a prized gastronomic product nowadays. It is a staple food and the vast majority of us did not pay much attention…

Vogue Fashion Night Out 2012

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On Thursday, 6th of September at night we had the opportunity to witness a new demonstration of the power, image and luxury that emerges from the city of Paris while enjoying the Vogue Fashion Night…

Serena Whitehaven in Suites Avenue

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This summer was held the public presentation of the new brand of shoes Serena Whitehaven. The chosen venue was the terrace of Suites Avenue, located in a recently constructed edgy building with a spectacular aluminum…

Hotel Granados 83 meets Hendrick’s Gin

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The perfect gin and tonic exists. It depends on how, when and with whom you enjoy it. On the terrace of the Granados 83 Hotel we could verify it the evening of the 11th of July…

Champagne and Diamonds in París

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The Banke Hotel in Paris is one of our most precious jewels. Located in a former Bank of diamonds, in the heart of the Opera neighborhood, the hotel welcomes you with a luxurious hall that…