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Chatting with Ricky Cardús

Chatting with Ricky Cardús

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Next week the motor racing fans have an appointment in Silverstone to see their favorite riders in one of the biggest on wheels competition AirAsia British Grand Prix. With this excuse we have been able to chat a little bit with Ricard Cardús, the Catalan rider who belongs to the most  gastronomic team:  the Arguiñano Motor Racing Team.

Ricky Cardús with Arguiñano

Ricky Cardús with Arguiñano

This 24 year old Catalan rider started in the motor racing world at the age of 14, he is a close friend of Jorge Lorenzo and nephew of the 250cc World Championship runner-up Carlos Cardús. We spoke with him about the practice, his day to day life on the track and beyond.

Ricky, his nickname among his friends, is a tenacious rider, daring, a real fighter and a boy in love with motor bikes, friendly and full of enthusiasm ready to achieve a dream. He practices a lot with an established routine throughout the year which intensifies during the season. From 3 to 4 hours of push ups, crunches, weights … and running  around the mountains of Barcelona. He rides his motorbike 1 or 2 days a week , follows a healthy diet, typical of great athletes, and disconnects from routine playing golf “It’s a very common practice among athletes that helps exercising concentration and having fun.”

He confesses that behind what we strictly see on the track there is a whole world. Life in the paddock is like living in a circus, in the kind sense of the word. A family of over 2,000 people between mechanics, team leaders, journalists, media channels, riders, trucks, marquees, restaurants … Three days in each circuit, for several months, in which the team becomes your family and the family becomes your team.

He recognizes that free race Sundays are very relaxed days and spent on leisure. He takes the chance of going out and having a great time with friends.

Regarding the Silverstone circuit he emphasizes his excitement to participate for the first time.

What’s never missing in his suitcase: his iPod

Derby Hotels wishes him the best of lucks on the 17th of June!

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