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Hampton Court Palace Show

Hampton Court Palace Show

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London calling and next on our calendar is the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, the Largest Flower Show in the world.
This Flower Show is not just famous for being the biggest, but also for its location. It takes place in the gardens of the Palace where King of England, Henry XIII resided and married some unfortunate women, 8 to be precise, who some ended up having their heads chopped off. Rumours say – they still linger around the Court at night! This is a fantastic opportunity to step into the Tudor lifestyle and immerse yourself in the world of horticulture and design.

One of the main themes will be gardening to promote wildlife, with the RHS Invisible Garden showing visitors the unseen world underneath the green, our hidden house buddies and the ones that want to live in a harmonious bio diverse community.

Visitors will be able to view sculptures carved out of verdure inspired by the Land Art Movement. Appreciate how art and landscape blend together and how landscape turns into the means of their creation such as the ocean Spray Garden feature, consisting of beautiful water features evoking the New England cranberry harvest.

Public will be able to find out about edible wild flowers, fruit and nut trees, crops and vegetables as well as get their hands dirty – work beside the industry experts and learn the secrets of achieving and keeping an amazing garden that suits your lifestyle.

For those living in cramped spaces, mostly Londoners, there is the Urban Gardens that are clever city designs, functional spaces or plant-filled havens that will let you escape from the hectic city life.
There is the wildlife-Friendly Gardens, for those animal lovers that can spend hours observing the intelligence of our little friends the birds, bees and other creatures living in our backyard.

Look out for the concept gardens that are witty, playful and very creative – In 2013 the most creative design was a pile of old fridges. Yes those ugly things we use in the kitchen to keep things cool, well Caroline Tait & John Esling showed us that something striking and beautiful can be created from the debris of modern life.

If you are passionate about design, horticulture or floristry this is a must for your diary (RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show from July 8- 13) and if you really feel you have some flair, you can take part in the competitions that are organised at the Show. If you’re planning a visit come and stay with us at The Caesar Hotel – London, it is just 40 minutes away by car.