Hotel Tapa Tour 2018: a 5-star edition

Hotel Tapa Tour 2018: a 5-star edition

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The latest Hotel Tapa Tour gastronomic festival is here! As is the case every year, we are participating with a new and unique idea to highlight Claris Hotel & Spa’s gastronomic side.

Hotel Tapa Tour 2018


A 5-star gourmet tapas route

The event will take place in Barcelona between 1 and 31 May. However, unlike other years, this time only 5-star and luxury 5-star hotels will be taking part!

A total of 11 hotels in areas including Eixample, the Gothic Quarter and Urquinaona are joining this gastronomic initiative. During this period, each participant will be offering their outstanding tapa with a matching drink for the price of €9.

What’s the point? To raise the profile of hotels as meeting points for lovers of haute cuisine, and specifically to promote tapas as ambassadors of Spain’s most iconic gourmet hotels.

In fact, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports has begun the procedure to declare them a Representative Expression of Intangible Cultural Heritage as a way to showcase them to the world.


Nigiri croquette with white fish

The Claris and its nigiri croquette: a smashing pair

This year, the Claris Hotel & Spa will be participating in the festival with its most daring tapa to date: the white fish nigiri croquette.

You can try it throughout the entire month at Bar Mr Kao, located on the ground floor of the hotel. And no prior reservation is necessary!


Mr Kao - Hotel Claris


What do you think? We look forward to seeing you between now and 31 May to try our delicious proposal and enjoy the third annual Hotel Tapa Tour.