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If you like jazz, London is your city

If you like jazz, London is your city

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If brassy, blaring instruments and colourful, shifting sounds are what excite you then head to London this November for the world-famous EFG London Jazz festival.

Every year since 1992 the EFG has broken all boundaries and brought artists flying across continents to fill audiences’ ears with the sweet, sweet sounds of jazz. This landmark Festival is devoted to culture and noise, and each visionary artist performing this year will contribute something unique.

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This electrifying Festival isn’t restricted to a single postcode, with huge shows playing in creative and architecturally incredible venues like the Royal Festival Hall, as well as smaller, cosier, more intimate venues – blinding you by their artists’ genius – like the performing arts centre The Albany in Deptford, or at historic London jazz locations such as the slick and stylish Ronnie Scott’s.

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And jazz’s free-flowing nature will be reflected in the fact that you can saunter from venue to venue across the city to see these acts.

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And for those misinformed of you who believe that jazz is only for the oldies, there will be a showcase of talented young musicians in the festival’s Next Generation Takes Over programme, illustrating the crazy, unrestricted ways that this outstanding music is being taken in to the future by the next generation of artists. Moreover, for those youngsters who love listening to this funky music so much, they just have to put on their own show, there is the Young & Serious programme, giving them the opportunity to actually curate events at the Festival.

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As Grammy Award winning Robert Glasper so rightly said at last year’s festival, jazz is all about having a good time, and the organizers are so truly aware of this, that the Festival hosts workshops, talks and community performances for everyone – old and young – to make sounds with instruments using their lips, fingers and feet. They essentially want to hear you making a load of noise.

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Make sure you shake off this year’s dust by getting to the 2015 instalment of EFG and staying at the Silver Award winning The Caesar Hotel 4*. You will discover The Caesar’s own commitment to culture and art through their original collection of Roman Syrian mosaics. This boutique hotel is located a couple of minutes away from Hyde Park and offers fantastic hospitality packages too, so you can make the most of your trip to the UK’s capital.