Marchés de Noël

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As Christmas approaches, the cities are filled with lights, trees and the spirit of the holidays can be felt in every corner. Paris also has ten spectacular Christmas markets, called Marchés de Noël, spread throughout the city, with details and decorations worthy of pictures.

From DHC we would like to have a look at these markets, which have their origin in the fourteenth century, located in some of the most emblematic places of the city. Do not miss any of them if you have the wonderful luck to be in the city of lights during the Christmas period.

At Trocadéro Square, right next to the Eiffel Tower, the “Trocadéro on Ice” gives you the possibility to enjoy an ice rink in the heart of Paris! Besides an ice igloo and a snowman, the market offers a hundred wooden houses with gastronomy, handicrafts and numerous animations to keep the magic of Christmas.

Open from 11h to 20h from December 13 to January 6.

The Marché de Noël de Champs Elysées is one of the most amazing for visitors because of its unique location; an incredible opportunity to walk through one of the world’s most spectacular avenues while enjoying over a hundred wooden houses that offer handicrafts and cuisine. In addition, you will find numerous carousels and  other games perfect for children. In the Place de la Concorde, located at one end of the avenue, you will witness the largest Christmas tree in Europe with almost 35 meters high.

Open from 10h to 23h from November 16 to January 6 (Friday and Saturday is open until midnight).

The Marché de Noël de Montparnasse has similar characteristics, located in one of the most prestigious districts of the French capital, just below the Montparnasse Tower. Surely you will not be able to resist taking a small snack right there!

Open from 5 to 30 December.

On the Boulevard Saint Germain des Prés, near the legendary church of Saint Germain des Prés, is located one of these marchés with thirty wooden houses of spectacular decoration consisting of a very traditional offer.

Open from December 6 to January 2.

The Marché de Noël Alsacien is located in the Gare de l’Est, it lasts only two weeks, but differs from the others because, in this case, you can enjoy the Alsatian gastronomy: pretzels, gingerbread, chocolate, fresh pasta, foie gras, Alsatian charcuterie…  Moreover, this year there is a Christmas tree, entertainment for children and tastings of the treasures of this region of France.

The next market is found in the Italie 2 shopping center, in the Place d’Italie, which will held animations for kids and adults. The Marché de Noël de Italie 2 is an ideal opportunity to enjoy the food offered by the market and at the same time doing Christmas shopping.

Open from November 24 to December 24.

In the neighbourhood of the Moulin Rouge, the Marché de Noël du Haut-Montmartre, decorated with more than 70 wooden houses in the streets of the famous Parisian neighborhood. The program includes handicrafts, creations of artists, food, typical Christmas decorations …

Open from December 6 to January 6.

The Féeries d’Auteuil, 20 minutes from the Eiffel Tower, compared to the Trocadéro Market, it is a much more festive in which you can enjoy animations and concerts, as well as antique shops and gastronomic specialties of the regions in France famous for their wines, champagnes, cheeses and foie gras without forgetting the little touches like jewelry, ready-to-wear, decorative, and Provence nativity figurines and Christmas trees. It also has a caring house hold by the youth of the area.

Open from 8 to 16 December.

A few steps from the Eiffel Tower, in the seventh arrondissement, at the Marché de Noël du Mail Branly, a multitude of artisans will be there with their creations and, whilst you are shopping, you will be able to enjoy delicious local products such as marrons , gingerbread, tartiflette or hot wine.

Open from December 14 to January 6.

To conclude, itcould not miss the most famous cathedral in the world market. We are talking about the Marché de Noël Paris Notre-Dame. A score of exhibitors await you to show you their most original creations. A treat to enjoy the handicraft and culinary mix beside the Seine.

Open from 10am to 20pm from 15 to 23 December.