Pets’ Party Claris IV: A night for our four-legged friends

Pets’ Party Claris IV: A night for our four-legged friends

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The Claris Hotel & Spa proudly hosted its Pets’ Party for the fourth year running; a very special annual party thrown in honour of our most faithful four-legged friends.


The event brought together more than 60 dogs of all breeds, from the most beautifully coiffured poodles and little Jack Russells to the most fashionable of Havanese.

Like to see some photos of the event? You can find them all here.


Party Guests



The evening began with a red carpet walk for the party guests, an entrance which reflected their status as the true stars of the night.

The room was filled with doggy guests ready to put on their best smiles for the photo call. The reason for the party? To once again celebrate the fact that all our hotels are pet friendly and that we welcome all members of the family.

The guests were treated to animal-themed cocktails during the course of the evening, as well as a variety of appetizers catering for all tastes including: frog-shaped hamburgers, fruit skewers, panda and snake cupcakes and octopus-shaped hot dogs, among many others.


Grey Goose Vodka cocktail


We would like to once again extend our special thanks to Grey Goose for their collaboration with regard to the drinks service. This exquisite French vodka flowed throughout the night and provided us with a selection of the most delicious cocktails.



To the surprise of our guests, one of them was chosen as the lucky winner of a Derby Hotels Collection prize. We were completely enchanted by the beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lucy Mantilla. She and her owner won a custom-made outfit designed by Dogut, as well as a two-night stay with breakfast included at any of our hotels in Barcelona, Madrid, London or Paris.


Lucy Mantilla Winner


The rest of the guests were also presented with a memento from leading pet accessory brand Trixie, courtesy of which each guest took home a goody bag filled with toys, dog treats, a cute cuddly toy and some other accessories.


Party Guests



To mark the occasion, we also launched our latest Stay & Dog Package for all the chain’s hotels. An offer available to the most well-travelled of pets

designed to cater for all your pet’s needs for the ultimate stay. The pack includes a bed designed for a great sleep, as well as a food and water bowl. And, as we love to pamper our most faithful friends, the pack also includes a luxury set of canine Sun’n’Fun toys and a variety of nutritious snacks from the brand Trixie.


Party Guests


As a final note, we would like to give our special thanks to owner of Art Animal and Handler Nuria Llort for her participation in the event. The guest list also included FAADA, an animal protection society which is concerned with important issues such as responsible tourism, with initiatives aimed at highlighting the problems related to the sector’s treatment of animals and its relationship with species extinction.



Thus, the Pets’ Party, an event started by the Hotel Urban 5* GL in Madrid, took place for the fourth year running at the beginning of October. Once again, we welcomed the animal world into our hotels for an unforgettable night with our four-legged friends as the true stars of the show.