Stay & CEBO: A luxury gastronomic experience in Madrid

Stay & CEBO: A luxury gastronomic experience in Madrid

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It’s no secret that the CEBO Restaurant in the Hotel Urban 5*GL is carving itself a niche in luxury gastronomy. Since it opened in 2016, it has been constantly evolving and delighting even the most exacting critics.

With the new Stay & CEBO package, luxury and gastronomy come together to create an extraordinary getaway in the capital.


CEBO Restaurant Madrid


Stay & CEBO, a getaway that will make your mouth water

Madrid has something for every taste and everyone can experience it in their own way. It has museums, plenty of shops, architectural diversity and festivals that go on longer than anywhere else. And then there’s the Madrid for foodies.

In fact, the Hotel Urban 5*GL undertook a gastronomic project as ambitious as it is powerful called the CEBO. In 2016 the exclusive restaurant opened on the ground floor of the hotel and has been growing ever since, attracting food experts and excellent reviews as well as guests from all over the world.

Only one thing was missing: the option to top off this gastronomic experience with a fabulous stay. The Stay & CEBO package includes a delicious tasting menu, daily buffet breakfast and, of course, accommodation in the room type of your choice.


CEBO Restaurant


CEBO, from restaurant to cult venue

The restaurant presents a renewed concept of cuisine. Its unique, personalised style makes it a benchmark for contemporary, progressive free cuisine. The restaurant has transformed the hotel’s cuisine across the board, beyond the ordinary.

Under the direction of Aurelio Morales, there is a clear Mediterranean influence and the cuisines of Madrid and Barcelona feature prominently.

Morales trained in top kitchens in El Bulli, Tickets, Àbac and Echaurren. He also acted as head chef at the Michelin two-star Miramar restaurant in Llançà (Girona), which is part of the group headed by chef Paco Pérez.

Seating 25, the restaurant was decorated by our design team led by Koke Clos.

CEBO has already become a benchmark on the Madrid scene and is crossing borders.



Tuna Belly, Oysters and Caviar - CEBO Restaurant

The sea in “3” products; Tuna Belly, Oysters and Caviar


Calçot and strawberries - CEBO Restaurant



Ginger and turmeric - CEBO Restaurant

Ginger and Turmeric


This package offers you a flawless gastronomic experience in an elegant, intimate atmosphere. A friendly place decorated with the utmost attention to detail and style, CEBO is more than just a restaurant; it’s a place where you can give free rein to your imagination.

Furthermore, you can enjoy a pleasant stay at the Urban Hotel 5*GL one of the most fashionable and sophisticated hotels in Madrid. Turn a getaway into a true gastronomic display!
Urban Hotel Madrid


Below you can find a selection of photos of some of the dishes on the menu of CEBO. Everything looks delicious!




‘Our lives are not in the lap of the gods, but in the lap of our cooks.’ – Lin Yutang