Sweet home Barcelona

Sweet home Barcelona

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Would you like to enjoy Barcelona’s sweeter side.? Note this selection of the best bakeries in the city!.


In the heart of the Sants neighbourhood, Pambolisucre is the perfect place for breakfast or for the sweetest possible afternoon snack. It’s hard to find more caring and attentive people than Lidia and Txell, the owners, and this is unarguably conveyed in everything they create: jams, biscuits, cakes, sweet fl atbreads and even specialities from Majorca! Naturally, everything is homemade. In fact, if you order a sandwich be assured that even the bread is made by them. A real find! c/ Sant Jordi, 9. Barcelona Tel.: +34 93 488 54 11


No one would guess that hiding behind the tiled façade with its sign announcing a hairdressers is a tiny, beautiful pastry shop. It’s like something out of a storybook, decorated with collections of teacups, teapots, glasses, wooden toys and embroidery work. Its owner is a young confectioner from Austria who prepares the most delicious cakes of pears and nuts, plums, chocolate and apricot, among others. Get there early and you can have your cake and eat it! c/ Parlament, 17. Barcelona Tel.: 677 623 847

Hoffman Pastisseria

This is the dream come true of its owner, none other than gourmet Mey Hofmann. Her name is synonymous with the city of Barce-lona, where she founded her famous cookery school and later her restaurant, awarded a Michelin star. However, the pastry shop is very close to her heart. Here, care is taken with every detail, from the deserts served in small glasses to the pastries (they even have Sacher croissants!) and the many diff erent cakes on off er.

c/ Flassaders, 44. Barcelona Tel.: 93 268 82 21


La Xocolateria

This is the perfect place for an afternoon snack, above all if you’re a chocoholic. The person behind this beautiful shop-café is Oriol Balaguer, one of the best chocolatiers in Spain and last year’s winner of the country’s best butter croissant award. Don’t miss his amazing selection of churros and crepes, as well as his famous chocolates and ice creams.

c/ Fusina, 5. Barcelona Tel.: 93 348 52 67 www.oriolbalaguer.com


Mauri is an emblem of Barcelona and has been open for over 80 years on the privileged corner of Rambla Catalunya with Provença. It was founded in 1929 and was one of the fi rst to introduce a café and tea room inside the actual pastry shop, possibly one of the keys to its long-lived success. Of course, this doesn’t mean that its confectionery should be underestimated. It has the most amazing selection of chocolates, croissants, cakes, pastries and all sorts of canapés. Rambla de Catalunya, 102. Barcelona Tel.: +34 93 215 09 98 www.pastisseriamauri.com


Chef Takashi Ochiai’s pastry shop opened its doors 25 years ago and could therefore be considered one of the first points of contact between Japanese fl avours and Catalan tradition. This is the best place to fi nd classic Japanese dessert recipes, such as dorayaki, filled with candied soya beans, or misumanju, made of agar and green tea. Don’t worry, if you fancy a Swiss roll on Sunday, you can find that here too. c/ Comte d’Urgell, 110. Barcelona Tel.: +34 93 453 63 83 www.ochiaipastisseria.com