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7 must-have travel apps for your next trip

7 must-have travel apps for your next trip

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The 7 best apps for travellers

If travelling is one of your passions, today we are happy to present you with seven apps that will make your trips much more inspiring and simpler.

Searching for places to visit, making a reservation in a good restaurant, planning all your activities or just packing your bags… this can all be done from your smartphone and with the appropriate travelling apps.

Would you like to see seven of our favourite travelling apps? Here they are.


The first app we recommend, you will use even before you start your trip: While you pack your bags! Packr helps you organise everything you need to carry in your luggage according to your trip, the weather and the activities you have planned during your visit.


Surely, you have several emails with flight confirmations, hotel bookings, tickets for activities… Synchronise them all in one app with TripIt. As if it were your travel agency, TripIt will create an itinerary for your trip with all that information, which you can also link to your calendar.


Sometimes a lengthy stopover between flights can be very tedious. Why not go to a VIP room and relax? Lounge Buddy shows you which lounges you already have access to or the ones you can access immediately at hundreds of airports by paying with your card.


One of the most comprehensive apps for sources of recommendations and ratings for places to eat, sleep, go shopping or relax, among other things. If you’d like to know the opinions of other travellers like you about places to go before making a booking or reservation, this is your app!


An incredible application to overcome language barriers. Google Translate allows you to enter any written, drawn or spoken text format or any photo using your mobile’s camera, and then translates it automatically into the language of your choice. It’s like having a personal interpreter in your pocket!


Surely, this application is already on your smartphone. Did you know that it is very useful on your trips? Not only can you view previously saved maps offline, but you can also find all types of recommendations about places to visit, activities or where to eat near you by going to the “Explore” tab.


How many euro are 100 pounds? And 1000 yen? With this currency converter application, knowing how much you are about to pay is much easier. Here’s a tip: Update the exchange rate just before you travel and you’ll obtain more accurate equivalences.


Forget about the old paper travel guides, folded maps, small translation dictionaries and travel agencies. Today’s apps for travellers offer you information, tips and ideas to help you experience any city as if you were a local.

So, before planning your next trip to sunny Barcelona or vibrant Madrid, a relaxing weekend in London, a romantic getaway to Paris, or even before packing your bags… don’t hesitate to install one or more of these apps on your mobile phone and enjoy everything they have to offer. Bon voyage!