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The Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

The Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

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Pic from SagradaFamilia.org

“D” day

Construction began on the Sagrada Familia on 19 March 1882. It is estimated that the work will be finished in 2026, precisely the 100th year anniversary of the death of Gaudí.

Gaudí was not the first The project was initially commissioned to architect Francisco de Paula del Villar y Lozano, who designed a neo-Gothic temple.

Young talent

Gaudí was only 31 when he took over the project. He left all the sketches created so that it could be finished.

The triad

The basilica has three symbolic façades: the Nativity façade, the Passion façade (reflecting the suffering of Jesus during the crucifixion) and the Glory façade, representing death, Final Judgement, heaven and hell.

A watchtower

Upon completion, the central tower (dedicated to Jesus) will measure 170 metres and will be higher than the Giotto bell tower in Florencia, which is nearly 85 metres high.

A special sum

On the Passion façade, there is a cryptogram with four rows and four columns. The sum of the numbers in all directions is Jesus’ age when he died: 33.

A church for everyone

Each of the towers of the façade is dedica-ted to an apostle, while all the columns are dedicated to dioceses around the world, thus representing the universality of the church.

To know more

In the basilica there is a permanent exhibit which explains how the architect was inspired by the geometry and volumes of nature. A magnet for tourism

The Sagrada Familia receives around 3.3 mi-llion tourists every year and is the most visited monument in Spain, only behind the Alhambra in Granada.

In memoriam

Antoni Gaudí died on 10 June 1926 when he was hit by a tram. His remains were buried in the Carmen Chapel of the Sagrada Familia.

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona