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The Standard Grill

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The United States of America are well-known in the gastronomy world for their fast food chains, which have spread all over the world. Nonetheless, the believe that just this is their gastronomy culture could not be more wrong.

Today, we would like to introduce to you one of the restaurants of the city that never sleeps in order to deny this myth since, even if it is not always easy to find them, New York owns a wide and delicious range of gastronomy possibilities.

In this case, we have visited the Greenwich Village, on the West side of Lower Manhattan. The neighbourhood is famous for being a bastion of Bohemia and artistic culture and have been home of successful artists such as Bob Dylan.

On the Washington Street we found the well-known restaurant “The Standard Grill” of the Hotel The Standard. It offers different menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner and it also has a wide wine and cocktail list.

As a proof of their delicious meals, several magazines and newspapers such as Vogue or the New York Magazine have qualified it as “perfection” and “delicious”. The Time Out New York wrote a whole article recommending what we should eat and drink.

The famous American gastronomy magazine, Gourmet, mentions also the chef of the restaurant, Dan Silverman, awarded with prices like the “Best New Chef” or “20 Top Table” two years in a row. The magazine of the premium life, Robb Report, also writes that “Silverman excels at taking dishes you know and love and presenting the best renditions of them”.

If you have the incredible chance to be in New York, do not miss this wonderful experience that the restaurant offers. Besides, you may be able to meet some of the celebrities that usually go to this fantastic grill!