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On October 2nd, for the sixth consecutive year, we celebrated the party all pets have been waiting for at the Claris Hotel & Spa in Barcelona: The Pets Party! This year we held it as part of World Animal Day, a day promoted by the World Organization for Animal Protection which coincided with the day of the Patron Saint of Animals, Francis of Assisi.

More than 50 dogs of all different breeds attended the event, with Pomeranians, poodles, Shiba Inus, Pit Bulls, Jack Russells, Maltese Bichons, and Greyhounds all walking the red carpet with their owners in tow.

Why did we throw this Pets Party? To celebrate once again the fact that all our hotels are pet friendly. But above all, it’s an initiative to show that pets are always considered part of our family.

Derby Hotels Collection - Pets Party - Hotel Claris Barcelona


On Wednesday afternoon, it was the pets’ chance to be treated like royalty in the lobby of the Claris Hotel & Spa in Barcelona. Each dog got the chance to be the star of their own photocall with their owner, showing off their best side and flashing smiles, all whilst wearing the special Pets Party crown.

The Clos family welcomed more than sixty guests, including Pilar Pasamontes, Vice-President of ModaFAD and Director of Development at the School of Fashion at IED Barcelona. Also attending our Pets Party were pet influencer stars @eddie_jackrussell, @liathepit, and @rocbichon, among others.

Derby Hotels Collection - Pets Party - Hotel Claris Barcelona

Pilar Pasamontes

The most charismatic dog award was given to BIMBA y LOLA (owned by @miss.bimba), two utterly charming specimens of poodle. The pets and their family won a weekend at any one of our Derby Hotels Collection hotels.

This year, for the first time, two special mentions were given at the Pets Party: one to FILIPPO, the irresistible Maltese bichon, winner of a special pack of Trixie Spain; and one to DOU DOU and BON BON (owned by @pompomplicious), two adorable Pomeranians who were awarded with an exclusive bathing session at Núria Llort Art Animal dog grooming salon.

Derby Hotels Collection - Pets Party - Hotel Claris Barcelona

Bimba y Lola

Thanks to Trixie Spain, all the pets who came to the party received a gift bag including a fun pack, dog jelly beans, nutritious snacks, fun stuffed animals, and gorgeous accessories.

We’d like to thank Grey Goose for their continued collaboration, and the delicious cocktails all could enjoy over the evening.

Fancy seeing some photos of the Pets Party? Find them all here.


Our Pet Friendly philosophy at Derby Hotels Collection is just one of the things that makes us so unique. We know how important pets are to our customers, and how difficult it can be to juggle holidays when we have them. Where can we leave them? Who will take care of them? Will they be well looked after?

Our Stay & Dog Package at Derby Hotels Collection is for the most well-travelled of pets, and is tailored to make sure they get the most out of their stay, with all the added comforts. The package includes a luxury set with a specially designed bed ensuring they get a good rest, as well as a selection of Sun n Fun toys and a range of nutritious snacks and jelly babies from the Trixie brand.

Derby Hotels Collection - Pets Party - Hotel Claris Barcelona

Finally, we’d like to thank Nuria Llort, owner of Art Animal y Handler, for her collaboration. Also attending were the FAADA association, who work in support of important causes such as Responsible Tourism. Among other initiatives, they aim to expose the issues surrounding the use of animals in the sector and their relationship with the extinction of species.