Granados 83 4*S

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Valoració mitjana 5/5
Laurie Lee Valoració 5/5
Desembre de 2019 All the staff at the hotel were helpful

Everyone appeared to take pride in their work. From the excellent breakfasts we ate, to the assistance provided re: help confirming our airport ride, to sightseeing suggestions, everyone was knowledgeable and helpful. As well, given that we don't speak Spanish, we appreciated being accommodated in English, and staff never made us feel that that was an imposition. Special thanks to the front desk. Little things matter; plush (not threadbare) towels, blackout blinds on windows, slippers and dressing gown availability, and bedding/mattresses of good quality and as-new condition. We will likely seriously consider Derby franchises in London and elsewhere as a result of our stay in your Barcelona property.

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Maria Falchetti Valoració 5/5
Desembre de 2019 Grazie

Tutto il personale alla reception disponibile e molto attento!

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Kylie Turkkan Valoració 5/5
Desembre de 2019 The hotel is beautiful and the staff were exceptional

Thoroughly enjoyed my stay and will recommend the hotel to everyone. I will be planning to return. Thank you very much.

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Dolores Pérez Valoració 5/5
Desembre de 2019 Lo recomendaré

Quedé muy contenta con sus servicios y muchas gracias.

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Jesús Piñuel Valoració 5/5
Novembre de 2019 Me encantó el hotel

Ya soy usuario frecuente de la cadena Derby. Volveré a este hotel sin duda. También me encantó la ubicación.

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