Hotel Bagués 5*

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Durchschnittliche Beurteilung 5/5
Paul Plank Beurteilung 5/5
Oktober 2015 I loved your hotel and will stay again

Everything was great.

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Richard Mulligan Beurteilung 5/5
Oktober 2015 We loved it!

There was not one thing wrong with our stay and we will be back.

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Kenneth Herr Beurteilung 5/5
Oktober 2015 Excellent hotel

Staff was very friendly and helpful. A very classy touch.

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Michelle Ashford Beurteilung 5/5
September 2015 A real 5* luxury hotel

We had a fantastic stay, the service was absolutely excellent.

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Asha Newsum Beurteilung 5/5
September 2015 We will be back

My daughter and I stayed for three nights and we were both delighted with the experience. The hotel is a gem and the staff well trained and most helpful.

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