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Durchschnittliche Beurteilung 5/5
Ralph Garren Beurteilung 5/5
November 2015 The hotel is lovely!

This was our second stay. The people at the entry, reception and the concierge were excellent!

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Isabel Hoey Beurteilung 5/5
November 2015 Great stay

Fab and extremely helpful staff.

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Joseph Grant Beurteilung 5/5
November 2015 We had an excellent stay

Staff was very very good and helpful.

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Frank Surita Beurteilung 5/5
Oktober 2015 My second stay and it was wonderful

Beautiful staff, decor, accommodations, and location.

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Baptiste Idoux Beurteilung 5/5
Oktober 2015 Great hotel

Great rooms, great service and awesome employees, always nice and ready to help.

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