Madrid, 10/13/2022.- The Hotel Urban 5*GL of Derby Hotels Collection will reopen the CEBO restaurant on October 18, under the direction of  Javier Sanz and Juan Sahuquillo, the two young Revelation Chefs of Madrid Fusion 2021.

Product, Essence and Simplicity define the gastronomic proposal created by the young chefs from Albacete of the Cañitas Maite Group for the new stage of CEBO, which resumes its journey with the aim of consolidating itself as an essential culinary destination in Madrid.

 In the words of Joaquim Clos, General Manager of Derby Hotels Collection, "this agreement is the union of two family businesses, united by similar values, which is born as a long-term project. After seven years of success with our CEBO restaurant and after obtaining a Michelin star, we face the road together as a great opportunity for growth and transformation to continue positioning ourselves as a gastronomic hotel of reference".

 We keep the name CEBO," he continues, "because it belongs to the corporate identity of the Hotel Urban 5* GL since we opted for haute cuisine. Now we personalized it with the names of the two chefs who lead the project, Javier Sanz and Juan Sahuquillo.  

 "The responsibility of the team led by Javier Sanz and Juan Sahuquillo starts in Cebo and, little by little, they will participate in advising the rest of the areas, supporting the current team to improve and implement the offer of events, terrace.... The objective is to strengthen and to grow. Basically, the aim is to add up," says Joaquim Clos.

 Javier Sanz declares "We take the challenge of coming to Madrid with the utmost respect and humility, giddiness and illusion. The offer is overwhelming and the professionals cannot be better. We are facing a demanding public, which is used to an exceptional level. We will try to do our bit in an unbeatable setting such as the Hotel Urban".

“We have always dreamt of having a place in the capital that would project what is done at home every day," he adds. The magnificent team that accompanies us has encouraged us to take this step. Borja García, head cook, will be responsible for transmitting the philosophy of Cañitas Maite, with its values of product and simplicity, in Madrid. Juan or I will travel weekly. The personnel will make this commitment and, at the same time, will maintain Casas Ibáñez the Cañitas Maite mother house and the OBA space - linked to the local environment".

 "The concept created for Cebo is inspired by a cuisine free of artifice that expresses itself with the best products of the moment. A deep and nuanced cuisine, which delves into the flavors, claiming the simplicity and the elementary. A cuisine for memory and remembrance. "Cebo is the evolution of Cañitas Maite in a format of haute cuisine with a leading role for the dining room. 22 diners allow us to offer a careful and personalized service", says Sahuquillo.

 This new phase of the CEBO restaurant at the Hotel Urban, presents a 14-step tasting menu and a short version, with 11 steps, composed of exclusive elaborations for Cebo, based on the excellence of the raw materials, from few ingredients and the precise techniques to preserve the flavor, texture and nature of each product.

 The main focus of the offer is the product and the grill, such as the Andes Horn Tomato, Cigala de la Ría, matured Carabinero, Anzuelo Squid, Vaca de Trabajo, Ortolans Quail and Smoked Caviar, among other dishes. And of course, the ham croquette, winner of the Best Croqueta of the World 2021 at Madrid Fusion, that will not be missing.  

Cebo's wine cellar continues to treasure a wide variety of national and international references, and the option of harmonizing each menu will be offered.

 With this new stage in CEBO, Hotel Urban aspires to become a benchmark in the capital. In addition, the hotel will complete the strategy by renewing its current gastronomic and leisure offer in all areas.


Technical Sheet of Cebo:

 Chef: Javier Sanz and Juan Sahuquillo

Head cook: Borja García

Head waiter: Yassine Khazzari Charif

Sommelier: Marisa De Sande


Capacity: 22 diners per service


Tasting Menu of 14 steps PVP 135€ (VAT incl.) (drinks not included)

Tasting Menu of 11 steps PVP 110€ (VAT incl.) (drinks not included)


Cooking hours:

From Tuesday to Saturday. Noon from 13.15h to 15h, evenings from 20.30h to 21.30h.

Sunday and Monday closed.


Hotel Urban 5*GL. Carrera de San Jerónimo, 34

28034 Madrid.  +34. 91 787 77 80 @cebomadrid

For more information:

Derby Hotels Collection

+34 93 366 88 00 @Derby_Hotels @Hotel_Urban #DerbyHotelsCollection