The Museums Collection Passport: Guests will get a free pass to the Egyptian Museum in Barcelona when staying at Derby Hotels Collection.

To celebrate Derby Hotels Collection’s project of promoting art and culture, guests of DHC can now get a free pass to the Egyptian Museum in Barcelona, the most important private museum open to the public in Europe, with The Museums Collection Passport.

This document guests receive when they stay at DHC hotels, is the key to a great compilation of artistic spaces within Derby Hotels Collection. This passport will take you through some of DHC most special collections: from pre-Columbian sculptures at Hotel&Spa Claris 5* GL in Barcelona, Papua New Guinean tribal relics at Hotel Urban 5* in Madrid, ethnic jewellery at Hotel Banke 5* in Paris, Roman mosaics from the 2nd and 6th centuries at Hotel The Caesar 4* in London or the biggest collection of Barcelona paintings and rawings from the 20th century by the costumbrist artist Ricard Opisso at the Exhibition Room of Hotel Astoria 3* in Barcelona. A complementary journey across art, culture and luxury.