Josefin Restaurant

Spanish cuisine in the centre of Paris

Josefin Restaurant

In a warm, relaxed and intimate atmosphere, the Asian inspired cuisine takes the stage on the tables of the Josefin restaurant at the Banke Hotel 5* Paris with a selection of products and specialties of Indochina, sprinkled with contemporary influences.

The list of starters includes such original dishes in Paris as Kabocha squash veloute with pan-fried foie gras and nut crust or the Beef filet tataki and Ponzu sauce with citrus.

The meats and fish comprise the main dishes at the Josefin Restaurant, with suggestions such as the Farm chicken breast with mashed celery, salsify and lovage or the Steamed cod fish with mushrooms from Asia and galangal consomme.

Finally, desserts such as Hibiscus and apple tart, Isigny and Chantilly will make the Josefin Restaurant an experience for the senses.