Josefin Restaurant

A touch of the Mediterranean in the center of Paris

Josefin Restaurant

The Josefin Restaurant boasts a warm and relaxing atmosphere in an intimate setting. Located off the hotel’s lobby the restaurant’s crimson-colored walls mark an elegant and sophisticated space with a stunning décor that includes gold-toned sofas, impressive chandeliers and Marteen Baas black Smoke chairs.

In a warm, relaxed and intimate atmosphere, the Mediterranean-inspired gastronomy takes center stage at the Josefin Restaurant tables at the Hotel Banke 5* Paris with a selection of products and specialties spiced with contemporary influences from the chef.

At lunch, the Josefin Restaurant offers its Operetta in three acts, an easy formula for choosing starter, main dish and dessert. For the most daring gastronomic composers, our chef presents a menu in the form of an Opera in four acts.